Designing Objects in Motion presents a collection of movements of objects and humans, exploring how their sensations relate to each other empathically and ambiguously.

The kinetic quality one experiences when they observe a movement is called 'kinaesthetic empathy', a phenomenon little understood in relation to design. This website allows designers to explore kinaesthetic qualities of the movement of objects, using analogies to the sensations of our bodily movements.

The insights presented here originate from Kensho Miyoshi's PhD at the Royal College of Art, London. More details on the research can be found in 'Research' section or in Designing Objects in Motion: Exploring Kinaesthetic Empathy (Birkhäuser, 2020). 

Enquiry: contact[AT]miyoshikensho.com

Credits: Albert Barbu (animation), Studio Riccardo Lardi (web design & code)

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